Gnomeo & Juliet Hollywood Premiere

Gnomeo & Juliet premiered in Hollywood, California at the El Capitan Theatre. Some of the stars in attendance were, Emily Blunt, Sir Elton John, Sharon and Jack Osbourne, David Copperfield and Perez Hilton.
Emily Blunt was looking white hot!
Sir Elton (or Papa John) and his bride we out on the red carpet. The English alternative to William and Kate. Elton looks just like a gay David Letterman.
Sharon is awesome. Hi Sharon, remember me from the Airport? Is there a rock and roll mom gnome in the movie?Cool, its David Copperfield! Abra cadabra, I guess there's a magic gnome in the movie.Perez Hilton? What a wannabe! I hope there's no insecure, whinny gnome who just wants attention in the movie. What a dork! See you later faker.