Britney Spears lands in Los Angeles, CA — followed by the paparazzi

Britney Spears arrived into Los Angeles with her two little boys and her new boyfriend Jason Trawick. Britney was flying in from Louisiana where she spent Thanksgiving with her family.

Britney still attracts a ton of paparazzi and fans. Too bad she's not the pop star she used to be. Now she looks more like a mom, who wears 70's porn sunglasses at night indoors.

Denise Richards on Charlie Sheen's problems...

Giddy up! Denise Richards arrives home in Los Angeles after going on the talk show circuit and doing damage control for her ex-husband Charlie Sheen. Apparently Charlie flipped out after he couldn't find his wallet and the remote control, then trashed his hotel room in a drunken rage. The $7,000 tantrum has made headlines because when the cops arrived they found him wasted and naked in his suite with a hooker locked in his bathroom. Charlie's gone wild and needs help.
Next time, if anybody in the family is going to go on a naked drunken rage, I vote for Denise.

Elle Fanning and the Nutcracker 3d premiere..

Elle Fanning was out in Los Angeles walking the red carpet just like her big sister Dakota. Even though Elle is almost a twin to her big sister, I'm sure she is going to try her best to carve a place in Hollywood that is all her own.

Portia DeRossi, the lightweight actress with a heavyweight battle...

Portia De Rossi has just written a book about her eating disorder in which she starved herself to a mere 85 pounds. Now she's back to a healthy weight but she's still starving. For attention that is.
We all saw the photos, we all knew she was anorexic, so who does she think she's telling? Her book should be titled "Why am I always the last to know?" Come on.
You look great Portia. On the flight in, did you have the chicken or the beef?