Mario Lopez lands in Los Angeles

Mario Lopez aka A.C. Slater landed on Monday at Los Angeles International Airport as he returned from Miami. With his signature smile and a funky valour jogging suit, he glided through the terminal on his way back to the glittering streets of Hollywood.I asked him why he was always smiling and his answer was, "I'm always in a good mood." I guess I would be too. Welcome home Mario!

Meeting the Osbournes at LAX

The Osbournes Reloaded is the new hit on TV but nothing beats seeing them in person. Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly Osbourne and her current boyfriend Luke Worrall arrived yesterday at LAX from Maimi where the family spent a few days on vacation. Ozzy and Sharon quickly left the airport and left Kelly and Luke behind to wait for the luggage.
Looks like Jack has been replaced."I'm going off the rails on a Crazy Plane"Sharon and Ozzy are really nice and the best part for me was to see Ozzy a rock and roll god.
Kelly and Luke tried at first to avoid the paparazzi but then gave up and decided to have a seat, walk around in baggage claim, make out, and have a laugh with the photographers.
How did Luke spend a week in the sun and not get a tan. The guy is white as a ghost and weighs about ninety-eight pounds.
All in all the encounter with the Osbournes was great fun.

Amy Poehler in Parks & Recreation on the Streets of Pasadena, CA

Amy Poehler turns Pasadena, CA into the streets of Indiana while filming her new sitcom Parks & Recreation. We love having her here in my home town and she doesnt seem to mind being photographed by so many paparazzi. She's always been a crack-up so its no surprise that we're looking forward to the premiere of her new show.