Britney Spears lands in Los Angeles, CA — followed by the paparazzi

Britney Spears arrived into Los Angeles with her two little boys and her new boyfriend Jason Trawick. Britney was flying in from Louisiana where she spent Thanksgiving with her family.

Britney still attracts a ton of paparazzi and fans. Too bad she's not the pop star she used to be. Now she looks more like a mom, who wears 70's porn sunglasses at night indoors.

Denise Richards on Charlie Sheen's problems...

Giddy up! Denise Richards arrives home in Los Angeles after going on the talk show circuit and doing damage control for her ex-husband Charlie Sheen. Apparently Charlie flipped out after he couldn't find his wallet and the remote control, then trashed his hotel room in a drunken rage. The $7,000 tantrum has made headlines because when the cops arrived they found him wasted and naked in his suite with a hooker locked in his bathroom. Charlie's gone wild and needs help.
Next time, if anybody in the family is going to go on a naked drunken rage, I vote for Denise.

Elle Fanning and the Nutcracker 3d premiere..

Elle Fanning was out in Los Angeles walking the red carpet just like her big sister Dakota. Even though Elle is almost a twin to her big sister, I'm sure she is going to try her best to carve a place in Hollywood that is all her own.

Portia DeRossi, the lightweight actress with a heavyweight battle...

Portia De Rossi has just written a book about her eating disorder in which she starved herself to a mere 85 pounds. Now she's back to a healthy weight but she's still starving. For attention that is.
We all saw the photos, we all knew she was anorexic, so who does she think she's telling? Her book should be titled "Why am I always the last to know?" Come on.
You look great Portia. On the flight in, did you have the chicken or the beef?

Guess who?....Leonardo DiCaprio?

Who would have ever guess that mega-star Leonardo DiCaprio would be so camera shy? But, oh yes he is! Just look at how he curls up like a scared little pill bug. Maybe this is his halloween costume and he is going to go out as a caterpillar?
Come on Leo, this is Los Angeles and its like 90° outside today. Do you really have to use your down-feathered bubble jacket to hide? We know its you.

Denzel Washington is Unstoppable...

Denzel Washington walked the red carpet along with Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson for the premiere of their new movie "Unstoppable." Are there really premeire events for movies that are going straight to DVD? I think this event should have been sponsored by Netflix!Even though people might not pay to see this movie, people were definitely happy to see Denzel.

And nobody could take their eyes off of Rosario. Hubba hubba!
But Chris Penn? I guess everybody deserves they're big break.
Poor Ethan Suplee from My Name is Earl fame is funny to look at. But that dumb act is no act. Ethan is as smart as a sack of hammers.

Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman Kissing...

Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman are filming "No strings attached" here in Los Angeles, CA.

They were spotted in a kissing scene and even though he's acting I bet it makes him feel normal to kiss someone closer to his own age. He looked really eager to lay one on Natalie but she didn't seem to enjoy it as much as he did. In fact it appeared that Natalie couldn't wait to hear the director yell "Cut!" Maybe Ashton kisses as poorly as his acting?
No matter what, Ashton's terrible acting played into his favor since they had about fifteen takes to complete the scene. Poor Natalie. I bet she felt Punked!

Demi and Ashton depart LAX...

Demi and Ashton departed Los Angeles today for the Big Apple. Demi was her normal shy self on her way to be in the spotlight on the Marriage Ref. Ashton played the role of protective husband and tried to puff out his chest at our photographers. I think Demi had to burp him after the whole thing. These two must be the best actors in the world cuz people like them. But they're completely unlikeable in person. If it wasn't so fun pissing them off, I'd just stop trying to photograph them. See you both soon!

An Evening with Women...

A star studded event at the Beverly Hilton included the likes of Gina Gershon, Linda Perry, Kat Von D, the Wilson Sisters from Heart, Pink, Rene Zellwiger and Sarah Silverman. It was a fun event.

The Wilson Sisters from the Rock band Heart showed up. "Barracuda!"
Linda Perry looking a lot like "Chris Katan's character 'Mango"
Rene and her runway face. I didn't recognize her with her eyes open.
I guess I've just never been a fan of Rene's. She was completely weird in public.
Kat Von D was dressed like Captain Kangaroo on acid. She was awesome.
Gina Gershon was looking so hot. Boing! That stare made me feel like she wanted me. Hey Gina I'm already married.
It's Pink! Hey Lady Marmalade how's it going.
Pink looked great on the red carpet. Sarah, you silly jew. When was brown ever in vogue? I guess when you're a comedian you're always going for the laugh. Well you got me. I laughed!

Demi More and Ashton Kutcher arrive at LAX...

Diva Moore and Asshton Kutcher arrived at LAX with a secret plan to outsmart the paparazzi. Too bad for them, some paps are smarter than others. We caught them as they tried to exist the terminal undetected and paid the price. We were assaulted by their two attendants and the driver who all thought that Demi and Ashton were above getting their picture taken.The attendants threw everything that wasn't nailed down in attempts to keep them hidden from our cameras. Nevertheless we kept shooting through the commotion and screams of "LAX is private property and youre going to jail!" LOL, we've heard it all before. But what I cant understand is, why do people think its OK to assault a photographer who has the right to take your photograph when you're in public?

To me the acting duo showed no class and their attendants and driver were criminal in their actions. Just a note: When you're in public you forfeit your right to privacy. If you don't like it, fly a private jet and shut up. Oh yeah, and kiss my ass. lol. Until next time. Say Cheese!

Kate Plus Eight at LAX — Kate Gosselin

Kate Plus Eight made and appearance at LAX on their way home to the east coast. Kate Gosselin had her hands full with all eight kids (Cara Nicole, Madelyn Kate, Alexis Faith, Hannah Joy, Aaden Jonathan, Collin Thomas, Leah Hope, and Joel Kevin), plus Steve the bodyguard and a nanny. For a single mom she sure does handle a big lot.
After getting kicked off of Dancing with the Stars, Kate and the kids spent their last day in LA getting booed at Disneyland for cutting to the head of every line, but come on, this is Hollywood and the star treatment is just part of life. Don't hate the players, hate the game.
I'm sure everybody is going to tune into her new reality show A Twist of Kate starting on TLC real soon.

On the Set with Mad Men — Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm and the cast of Mad Men invaded our small town of Pasadena, CA to shoot an uncoming episode of "Mad Men." Each were either smoking hot or just smoking. It seems like the whole cast lights up a cigarette before, during and after every scene.

The scene took place on Green street in a building with an infamous past. I doubt that any of the cast or crew knew that the building in which they were filming was a top secret location owned by the Navy prior to WWII and is in fact the location where the atom bomb was designed. That's right. Located just blocks away from Cal Tech, this building along with two other buildings on this block played a role in the designing of "The Bomb." Two casings which held the the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki along with the technology were developed here.

Stars light up the Autograph Nationals

Celebrities from the past and present gathered in Pasadena, CA to sign autographs for their fans and to sell memorabilia. Seeing so many different celebrities gathered in one place was a great experience.
Some of the stars in attendance were Richard Kiel who played the villain "Jaws," in the James Bond movie Moonraker.
Ed Gale who has played many bit parts but most memorable in the role as Chucky and the little person in "Oh Brother Where Art Thou."
America's favorite parents from the 80's hit comedy series Family Ties showed up, Meredith Birney and Michael Gross. It's funny that they were never really married, but for some reason they look like a real couple and in love.
Amber Smith was there but I didn't know why. She's not famous for anything other than having a huge drug habit. Does rehab count as a career? Is she the star of ward? I don't get it. Do you?
Now Eddie Munster is a real star. Even though his career officially ended about thirty years ago, he's still cool as heck. I know his real name is Butch Patrick but I couldn't stop calling him Eddie. He didn't mind. How could he? His whole existence revolves around this one famous role, just look at his t-shirt. That says it all...Freaky! But in a good way.
The c-list extravaganza was awesome! These celebs loved the day of attention and it brought back memories for everybody.

Bette Midler the Rose and her husband the Thorn in my side land at LAX

Here is Bette Midler and her husband Martin Von Haselberg strolling through the terminal at LAX. Bette's a big star and her husband is a big ****! For some reason they really didnt want their photo taken together. Hmmmm, not sure why but Martin thought he could still pick a fight at his age. Wooo, slow down old man you're going to break a hip or worse, I was worried you might break my camera before you hit the pavement.

America's favorite Cougar — Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox was out in Hollywood to promote her hit series Cougar Town. She's stunning in person and really nice too. I think she wanted me! Hey cool it Courtney, I'm married.
If America wants to know how to solve the housing crisis, just name a city Cougar Town and watch the land prices skyrocket.

Larry King gets a free ride

Hey there goes Larry King!
While I was waiting for a movie star, Larry King buzzes passed me on a golf cart to meet his flight. It was like something out of Weekend at Bernies cuz I'm not even sure he was alive.

Mia Wasikowska is Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland's Mia Wasikowska arrives in Los Angeles after making the rounds in New York to promote her new film. The young star is still getting used to paparazzi popping outta trash cans to take her photograph. I guess she'll just have to accept it as part of being famous.
I almost didn't recognize her with that little boy haircut. I guess you'll have to stop going to Fantastic Sam's and get a real stylist.

Kate Winslet arrives for the Oscars

Kate Winslet arrives in Los Angeles just in time to participate in the Oscar events being held here in Los Angeles. She was dressed in stylish black with all of the accessories of a starlet and the mouth of a sailor. All I said was "Hi Kate" to which she replied "F.U.!"
Oh my gosh, doesn't anybody say "Cheese!" anymore? I guess money and fame can't but you class and simply because you're English doesn't really mean you know how to properly use the language. Maybe "F.U." is the Queen's English, but how would I know, I only grew up here in L.A. not poshy London.

Misery Lands at LAX — Kathy Bates

There was a time when Kathy Bates was dishing out the pain in the movie Misery. Now it looks like she's the one in misery. Here is Kathy walking through the airport terminal with the assistance of a cane as she arrives in Los Angeles for the Oscars.

Brendan Fraser at LAX...

Finally I get to photograph somebody who isn't out to get me!
Brendan Fraser flew into LAX and quickly departed on Air New Zealand for distant lands. He was in great spirits and even smiled for the camera, said "Hello" and asked why I was working so late. What a nice guy.