Bette Midler the Rose and her husband the Thorn in my side land at LAX

Here is Bette Midler and her husband Martin Von Haselberg strolling through the terminal at LAX. Bette's a big star and her husband is a big ****! For some reason they really didnt want their photo taken together. Hmmmm, not sure why but Martin thought he could still pick a fight at his age. Wooo, slow down old man you're going to break a hip or worse, I was worried you might break my camera before you hit the pavement.

America's favorite Cougar — Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox was out in Hollywood to promote her hit series Cougar Town. She's stunning in person and really nice too. I think she wanted me! Hey cool it Courtney, I'm married.
If America wants to know how to solve the housing crisis, just name a city Cougar Town and watch the land prices skyrocket.

Larry King gets a free ride

Hey there goes Larry King!
While I was waiting for a movie star, Larry King buzzes passed me on a golf cart to meet his flight. It was like something out of Weekend at Bernies cuz I'm not even sure he was alive.

Mia Wasikowska is Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland's Mia Wasikowska arrives in Los Angeles after making the rounds in New York to promote her new film. The young star is still getting used to paparazzi popping outta trash cans to take her photograph. I guess she'll just have to accept it as part of being famous.
I almost didn't recognize her with that little boy haircut. I guess you'll have to stop going to Fantastic Sam's and get a real stylist.

Kate Winslet arrives for the Oscars

Kate Winslet arrives in Los Angeles just in time to participate in the Oscar events being held here in Los Angeles. She was dressed in stylish black with all of the accessories of a starlet and the mouth of a sailor. All I said was "Hi Kate" to which she replied "F.U.!"
Oh my gosh, doesn't anybody say "Cheese!" anymore? I guess money and fame can't but you class and simply because you're English doesn't really mean you know how to properly use the language. Maybe "F.U." is the Queen's English, but how would I know, I only grew up here in L.A. not poshy London.

Misery Lands at LAX — Kathy Bates

There was a time when Kathy Bates was dishing out the pain in the movie Misery. Now it looks like she's the one in misery. Here is Kathy walking through the airport terminal with the assistance of a cane as she arrives in Los Angeles for the Oscars.

Brendan Fraser at LAX...

Finally I get to photograph somebody who isn't out to get me!
Brendan Fraser flew into LAX and quickly departed on Air New Zealand for distant lands. He was in great spirits and even smiled for the camera, said "Hello" and asked why I was working so late. What a nice guy.