A Real Chance at Love II

Ahmad Givens (Real) and Kamal Givens (Chance), reality stars, arrive at Los Angeles International Airport. The Real Chance of Love is awesome and as stars of this show, these two are their own biggest fans! Nobody loves Real and Chance as much as Ahmad and Kamal.
I bet when the season goes out on DVD, they are going to camp out in line to get the first copies.
Has anybody told these guys that its just a show and they aren't really gangsters?

Michael Jackson mourned...

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson is gone. Now the world is coming out to pay their respects to the fallen king at his home where he died and at his star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, CA.
People of all ages and from every part of the globe have flocked to these landmarks in Los Angeles, CA to say goodbye and some how come to grips with the fact that Michael Jackson has died too soon and without warning.Here is the scene where his star is located on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, CA. People are waiting in line to see his star, leave flowers, cards and to take vacation photos to say "I was there."

Kanye West...We meet again...

Hey look its Kanye West returning to the scene of the crime. We caught Kanye as he passed through the same security check point where he allegedly assaulted a paparazzi. Geeze, cut me some slack dogg. I'm only taking your picture. Who ever heard of a camera hog that didnt like being photographed.