Demi and Ashton depart LAX...

Demi and Ashton departed Los Angeles today for the Big Apple. Demi was her normal shy self on her way to be in the spotlight on the Marriage Ref. Ashton played the role of protective husband and tried to puff out his chest at our photographers. I think Demi had to burp him after the whole thing. These two must be the best actors in the world cuz people like them. But they're completely unlikeable in person. If it wasn't so fun pissing them off, I'd just stop trying to photograph them. See you both soon!

An Evening with Women...

A star studded event at the Beverly Hilton included the likes of Gina Gershon, Linda Perry, Kat Von D, the Wilson Sisters from Heart, Pink, Rene Zellwiger and Sarah Silverman. It was a fun event.

The Wilson Sisters from the Rock band Heart showed up. "Barracuda!"
Linda Perry looking a lot like "Chris Katan's character 'Mango"
Rene and her runway face. I didn't recognize her with her eyes open.
I guess I've just never been a fan of Rene's. She was completely weird in public.
Kat Von D was dressed like Captain Kangaroo on acid. She was awesome.
Gina Gershon was looking so hot. Boing! That stare made me feel like she wanted me. Hey Gina I'm already married.
It's Pink! Hey Lady Marmalade how's it going.
Pink looked great on the red carpet. Sarah, you silly jew. When was brown ever in vogue? I guess when you're a comedian you're always going for the laugh. Well you got me. I laughed!