Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo head to the "Big Apple"

Nick and Vanessa called a "time-out" on fighting and headed to the Big Apple today. They haven't been seen in public together since Vanness recently decided to walk out on Nick while having lunch. Here they are prior to boarding their airplane looking civil but not together. I hope she packed a parachute in case she decides to walk out on Nick while in flight!
Nick seems to know how to pick 'em, dumb and gorgeous!
A great combination.

Keeping up with Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones has joined the cast of the new sitcom Parks and Recreation which stars Amy Poehler and is set to premiere in Arpril 2009. Recognized for her roles on Boston Public and The Office, Rashida is also the youngest daughter of Quincy Jones and an accomplished musician.
Our Imagehounds caught up with the Jones' on the streets of Pasadena, CA as she was getting pampered by the make-up artists. We're also looking forward to seeing her in I love you man
where she plays Paul Rudds love interest.

Ashley Tisdale arriving at LAX...

Ashley Tisdale the actress, singer,songwriter and television producer recently arrived back in Los angeles to attend the Kid's Choice Awards (March 28th) where she received the Award for Fave Movie on behalf of High School Musical 3.
Ashley is one of America's favorite young star and she seems to love the camera. You have nothing to worry about Ashley, the camera loves you back!

Elton John and Billy Joel perform "Face to Face"

Elton John and Billy Joel took the stage last night in Anehiem CA to perform another leg of their Face to Face tour. Night after night these two vintage rockers are putting everything they have left into an awesome display of showmanship. For everybody who considers themselves a fan of these two giants of rock, this is a dream come true. They're playlist is like a sing-a-long. The ultimate karaoke event.
Although these two have already passed their prime, their appeal to the mass audience hasn't diminished one bit. This was a sold out show with an extra date added to accommodate the extraordinary demand for tickets. As a media photographer, I was grateful to have had such an excellent view of the stage. But no matter what ticket you held for this concert, there was no bad seat.
Its difficult to say which one is the better of the two since they both play the heck out of a piano and compliment each other on stage. Each stayed true to themselves. Elton dressed in a much more fashionable outfit and Billy dressed in basic black. The music was great and the two seemed to deliver what the audience expected. Great music!

I've been Amy Poehlerized

It was a fun day in Pasadena, CA when the cast and crew of the new sitcom Parks and Recreation staring Amy Poehler showed up to shoot a few scenes at City Hall. Former star of Saturday Night Live is as fun in person as she is on TV and the camera loves her.
Here are a few shots of Amy caught in action by our team of Imagehounds! She loved the attention of our photographer. An exceptional person who'd rather have fun than give an attitude.
Hey Amy, your face is going to stay like that!
So lovingly awkward, we never know when Amy is being funny or if this is just her being normal. Either way, everybody seems to love being around her and we're sure her new series will be a hit.

Shark City Premiere — Vivica Fox!

Last night was the Premiere of the movie "Shark City." The cast was there and the event was hosted by Vivica A Fox who also stars in the movie. The red carpet glittered with stars and it was nice to see so many familiar faces.
Here are a few shots from the night. Vivica Fox looked great. She makes it look easy and we can't wait to see the movie.
Cory Haim cast member of "Shark City" is back in the limelight and seems to be having the time of his life. It was good to see him back on the Hollywood scene.
Amber Smith, supermodel and reality star of Celebrity Rehab and Sober Living walked the red carpet. She is looking better now that she's gotten her life on track. Amber cleans up pretty well!

Selma Blair strolling through the airport

Ms. Selma Blair was on her way to New York when I caught her in terminal 7 as she awaited to board her flight. She looked great and it was fun to see her in person. As usual famous people don't want to be recognized in public but the sunglasses and the escort were a dead give away.
I guess when you're future is so bright you have to wear shades, right?
Still, are those leg-warmers? I'm not the fashion police, but come on Selma. At least she wasn't a difficult star to photograph. No bodyguards, no attitude, just sunglasses.
Thanks Selma. Enjoy your flight and I can't wait to see you again.

Nicole Richie and Harlow escaping from LAX...

Nicole Richie and her lil baby Harlow are seen here trying to elude the paparazzi by leaving terminal 7 through an alternate route. Too bad for everybody waiting for her on the outside. Since I was lucky enough to be on the inside of the terminal I was able to snap this exclusive photo of mom and child as they were hurried through the crowds and whisked away from the bank of paparazzi that had assembled outside in hopes of catching them on film.
Although this photograph wasn't one of my best. I still enjoyed watching the behind the scenes attempt of a star trying to avoid photographers. I still don't understand why they don't want to be photographed. As you can see here, it impossible to really avoid being photographed once people like myself have made up our minds to do just that. All I have to say to Nicole is "Gotchya!" And, what I'd like to have said to her lil baby who seems to be looking right at me as they passed, "Whats up Harlow!"

Drew Brrymore arriving at LAX

Ah, Drew. There aren't many stars that I really want to photograph, but Drew Barrymore has alway been one of my favorite actors in Hollywood. Even if she did marry Tom Green. So I was really happy when I got information that she was going to be landing in Los Angeles at LAX. My agency had told me that even though I knew where she was going to be, it didn't mean that it was going to be easy to take her photograph. Everybody said she hates paparazzi and if she sees me with a camera she's going to run, hide her face or call the cops. That just made it even more exciting to try and take her picture. So I arrived at LAX anxious to get her into frame without her seeing me. Thats the best part, taking her picture without her even knowing that I'm there.
It's times like these that I really earn my nickname "Lee Harvey." I set myself up about fifty yards from the place that I expected her to be and waited for her to arrive. I'm usually full of anxiety anyway so it was no surprise that I was nervous. It wasn't like I was going to meet her. I just wanted to take her photograph. As people started to deplane, I spotted her immediately and started photographing her as many times as possible. You could hear my camera's shutter quickly clicking over. And then, she spotted me! Uugh! She's so cute but why does she look like she is going to be driving the limo? And, Why wouldn't she want me to take her picture? Who knows why she hates photographers. But it was too late for her. I had already collected about forty frames and I was really happy. I took a picture of Drew Barrymore.

Denise Richards — Dancing with a star!

Denise Richards arrived back home to Los Angeles on this day and we were there at the airport to greet her with open shutters. She was looking amazing and happy to see the cameras. I was surprised that her car was not waiting for her as soon as she arrived, but it was our luck and we got to shoot an extra long set of photographs as she was a sitting duck. Now that she is back home from her trip to the "Big Apple," she is training hard to compete in the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars on ABC. Good luck Denise and "Break a leg!"

Krysten Ritter waiting on her 27 dresses at LAX

Krysten Ritter is a character actress in many of Hollywood's favorite movies and had a bit part in 27 Dresses. Here she is walking through terminal 7 at LAX as she arrives from New York city. She was accompanied by her grundgy boyfriend who seemed more aware of the camera than her. Even though she's not dressed to impress, she still looks great in a natural kinda way.

Orlando Bloom — Sympathy For Delicious

On this day I went in search of Orlando Bloom on the set of his new film Sympathy for Delicious. Filming was taking place in downtown Los Angeles in the Orpheum Theater on a rainy day. The light was flat and it was cold out so the possibility was slim that we would see Orlando outside of his Star Wagon. I arrived early and snapped these exclusive photographs before the other paparazzi photographers got onto the scene. Unfortunately the focus was soft and it was the only chance I would get to take a photo.

The most interesting part of the day was waiting under the cover of a doorway with four other photographers while the rain came down. It was my first encounter with other "paps" and it turned into an opportunity to hear them talk and share stories about other stars that they had covered over the years. A Brazilian photographer who works for the infamous photo agency X17 told me great stories about chasing Britney Spears and photographing her on the day that she shaved her head. Awesome. Two other photographers in their early twenties shared their red-carpet experiences and how they loved to sneak into all of the after parties to take pictures. Each story ended the same way. "It was fun until we got kicked out."

Gordon Ramsey on set at Hell's Kitchen...

I was sent by my agency to get a photograph of Gordon Ramsey. I knew who he was and I wanted to see him throw one of his tantrums and hear him curse out a contestant. It was at the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles and a night shoot so it was going to be difficult to get a good picture and as it turns out, I didn't get a photograph that was print worthy. But I did get a couple of photos that you see here.

To me the funny thing was, Gordon Ramsey's body guard. He was some goon that took his job way too seriously and shielded Gordon as if he were guarding the crown jewels. The over-sized oaf actually tried to intimidate me but knowing this guy would never lay a hand on me in a public setting, I didn't flinch an inch when he stepped towards me with an angry look on his face. I was right. He called hotel security to escort me out of the Bonaventure hotel, but before anybody arrived, I saw myself out.

Imagehounds shooting stars

This imagehounds blog will chronicle my experience of photographing celebrities in the Hollywood and Los Angeles metro area. Although the art of photojournalism which describes the act of collecting, editing, and presenting of news material for publication or broadcast is quickly redefined once the camera is focused on celebrities and renamed "Paparazzi", I refuse to give into being labeled a paparazzo since my photography is not about the celebrity, but rather a documentation of my own experience and life as a photographer living in the Hollywood and Los Angeles area.

Before turning my camera towards celebrities I had been taking photographs for most of my life, but the subject matter was more personal and resembled the normal, everyday, average photographs that have been taken by just about every other person living on this planet. It lacked the thrill and fun factor of photographing a subject that was more elusive, recognizable and more sought after like a celebrity.

So on one sunny afternoon in late January I made a decision to go out and take my first photograph of a celebrity and headed into the heart of Los Angeles with no information or plan other than to sit outside one of Hollywood's official watering-holes of every celebrity, "The Ivy" on Robertson Blvd. This ritzy boulevard has been the location for many famous star sightings and it was my hope that this day would be no different. After a few hours of sitting in the hot sun I decided that it might be necessary to drive throughout the area in hopes of finding a film production on the streets that would likely have a star on the set. Jackpot!

Even though I'm terrible at face recognition it was clear to me that the hot blond in the center of the set was famous. It happened to be Lauren Conrad, the star of the hit series "The Hills" and "The O.C." The best part about being a celebrity photographer is that you don't have to be a fan of the person that you are photographing. Personally I couldn't care less who she was. I just wanted to take her picture and so began my career of photographing celebrities. Of course it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, there were unknowns such as over-protective production assistants and body guards that are always trying to either prevent or deter photographers from getting a shot of their subjects. And, not to mention other photographers who are so competitive that they will go to any means to get a picture. The only rule to photographing a person is that they have to be in a public place where privacy is not an expectation. This is covered by our first amendment of the constitution which guarantees the freedom of speech and media.

Undeterred by the production crew guarding the film set who continuously told me that photography was not allowed, I focused my camera and shot as many frames as possible of Lauren as she sat filming her scene on the public streets of Los Angeles. In all, I took over thirty-five frames of Lauren. Half of them were of her as she sat filming, and the other half were of her walking in the street after filming had ceased. By this time other photographers had joined me and the sound of shutters clicking frames of the star filled the air. It was exciting.
I came home and uploaded the images that I had captured and quickly email a photo-agency that I had previously contacted about accepting my photographs. I was surprised when the agency quickly responded and ask for every frame that I had taken. Shortly after sending them my photographs I was asked to meet with the agency to sign a contract to be paid and asked to join thier team. It was all a bit strange, since some photographers have this ambition to a part of a worldwide agency, and I had achieved this goal in only one short day. Then, what surprised me even more was the news that my photograph of Lauren Conrad had been sold to US Weekly magazine and printed in the next issue.