Guess who?....Leonardo DiCaprio?

Who would have ever guess that mega-star Leonardo DiCaprio would be so camera shy? But, oh yes he is! Just look at how he curls up like a scared little pill bug. Maybe this is his halloween costume and he is going to go out as a caterpillar?
Come on Leo, this is Los Angeles and its like 90° outside today. Do you really have to use your down-feathered bubble jacket to hide? We know its you.

Denzel Washington is Unstoppable...

Denzel Washington walked the red carpet along with Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson for the premiere of their new movie "Unstoppable." Are there really premeire events for movies that are going straight to DVD? I think this event should have been sponsored by Netflix!Even though people might not pay to see this movie, people were definitely happy to see Denzel.

And nobody could take their eyes off of Rosario. Hubba hubba!
But Chris Penn? I guess everybody deserves they're big break.
Poor Ethan Suplee from My Name is Earl fame is funny to look at. But that dumb act is no act. Ethan is as smart as a sack of hammers.

Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman Kissing...

Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman are filming "No strings attached" here in Los Angeles, CA.

They were spotted in a kissing scene and even though he's acting I bet it makes him feel normal to kiss someone closer to his own age. He looked really eager to lay one on Natalie but she didn't seem to enjoy it as much as he did. In fact it appeared that Natalie couldn't wait to hear the director yell "Cut!" Maybe Ashton kisses as poorly as his acting?
No matter what, Ashton's terrible acting played into his favor since they had about fifteen takes to complete the scene. Poor Natalie. I bet she felt Punked!