Victoria Beckham and Kara Dioguardi at LAX

The NEW American Idol judge Victoria Beckham arrived at LAX last night along with Kara Dioguardi. The two had been in Denver filming the new season of auditions for the hit talent show. It has been rumored that Posh Spice will be replacing the former Idol judge Paula Abdul and it looks like the rumor is true!
It looks like the Former Spice Girl will be getting alot of camera time in the next coming months.

Scary Spice is a Dodger fan!

Recently at Dodger Stadium we found "Cranky Spice" Mel B out with the family to celebrate a charity for foster children. She's a lil bitchy and check out the haircut on Eddy Murphy's baby girl. What's up with that?
A frohawk for a lil girl? What's up with that?

Here is Ken Davitian wearing Dodger blue. We're just glad that he didn't show up to the stadium naked like his character on Borat! Even though he looks like he's fresh from the dessert, Ken is a native Angelino from East L.A.. Odalé!
Who knew that Gretchen Rossi, the real housewife from Orange County, is an atheltic supporter. And her favorite baller's are the boys in blue. She looks like a millioni bucks. Does anybody have a million bucks I can borrow so I can date her?
Gretchen is so hot, even stars wanted to take pictures with her. Here is Dustin Milligan from 90210 trying to act as if he likes girls. Who knows.
Of course she wanted to blow me a kiss.
Real housewife? I dont think so.

The Robot Chicken Skate Party

Today The Robot Chicken Skate Party rolled into Los Angeles with Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Matthew Senreich, Clare Grant, Erika Christensen, Ginnifer Goodwin and boyfriend Joey Kern, Ethan Suplee, Dave Faustino, Wilmer Valderrama, Lance Bass, Colin Hanks were all in attendance.
Clare Grant makes a great "Rollergirl" but leave the picture taking to the professionals, please.Rollerskating is still popular with the kids and Seth blends easily into the crowd. He's so little!

Danny Devito is huge!

Danny Devito is out shooting an episode of his cable show "It's always sunny in Philadelphia." To me Danny is huge! It's easy to like him, especially when he's so nice to the paparazzi.
At five feet tall, its like he never grew up. You're awesome.

A Real Chance at Love II

Ahmad Givens (Real) and Kamal Givens (Chance), reality stars, arrive at Los Angeles International Airport. The Real Chance of Love is awesome and as stars of this show, these two are their own biggest fans! Nobody loves Real and Chance as much as Ahmad and Kamal.
I bet when the season goes out on DVD, they are going to camp out in line to get the first copies.
Has anybody told these guys that its just a show and they aren't really gangsters?

Michael Jackson mourned...

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson is gone. Now the world is coming out to pay their respects to the fallen king at his home where he died and at his star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, CA.
People of all ages and from every part of the globe have flocked to these landmarks in Los Angeles, CA to say goodbye and some how come to grips with the fact that Michael Jackson has died too soon and without warning.Here is the scene where his star is located on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, CA. People are waiting in line to see his star, leave flowers, cards and to take vacation photos to say "I was there."

Kanye West...We meet again...

Hey look its Kanye West returning to the scene of the crime. We caught Kanye as he passed through the same security check point where he allegedly assaulted a paparazzi. Geeze, cut me some slack dogg. I'm only taking your picture. Who ever heard of a camera hog that didnt like being photographed.

Heidi and Spenser arrive at LAX..

Newlyweds Heidi and Spencer arrived last night in Los Angeles after appearing on Regis and Kelly in New York City promoting themselves and their new reality show, "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!"
They loved the warm welcome of the paparazzi and relished every frame that was take of them as they walked to their car. Can't wait to see the playboy spread.

Hail to the Chief! President Obama...

Now for the biggest celebrity in the nation, the President of the United States, Barack Obama! That's right, not only is he the most powerful man on earth, he's also got star power.
We caught up to the President landing in De Moine, Iowa on his way to the Trinity Structural Towers Manufacturing Plant. There he gave a speach calling for a “new era of energy exploration in America.”We think this is the only way there will be enough fuel in the world to keep him flying and driving all over the globe talking about conserving energy while he uses more than all of us put together.

Everybody loves him for now, but we're certain this country will have no problem eating him alive once he makes one false move. We love this President...extra crispy!
Bye Chief, watch your head!

Isaac Mizrahi on the runway of LAX...

Next up on the runway at LAX is the world famous designer Isaac Mizrahi. See him strut his stuff through the terminal and into oncoming traffic. His coast-to-coast couture includes a baggy suit and a fluffy pink scarf that shields him from the cold of the Big Apple, while his Michael Jordan flip-flops allow him to enjoy the sandy beaches of Southern California.
Awe, come on Isaac, won't you give us a smile before you run into traffic?
We can't say if this is a fashion faux pas or a trend, but you wouldn't catch us wearing this ensemble. You go girl!

Kanye West go home!

I know that LAX is an airport, but it looks like Kanye West and his country posse just hopped off the turnip truck. How can he rap about being gangster when he rolls with a gang of retards. No wonder he's so angry.
Look at these two bumpkin fashionistas following Kanye with their Louis Vuittan luggage. You have to laugh at these guys. They love to criticize "White America" and then they have the nerve to buy into it. They're walking contradictions.
And Kanye, a legend in his own mind. Even though he broke the camera of defenseless paparazzi the media is still taking his photograph because in the United States we have the freedom of the press. So if you don't like it, too bad. Asshole!Kanye's bodyguard looks so tough in his "give-away" t-shirt. Tie your shoes and gimme a break!

Halle Barry and the Silver Rose

Talk about hot chocolate! Halle should be the new cover girl for Swiss Miss. Here she is at the Jenessee Center Silver Rose Gala and Auction. I'll buy that for a dollar.
Did anybody order pudding in a cloud?
Halle has it going on and then Wayne Brady had to get in on the action. I like Wayne.